~ The not so serious in aesthetics but serious for activism ~

Just for Kicks is where you will find stuff I have created literally JUST FOR THE KICK of it!
From mental health comics, illustrations, quotable quotes, and all things random.


~ all things experimental ~

THE GODS ARE CRAZY, RHUMMISM, ALICE IN DISABILITY LAND and a bunch of various illustrations I have made over the years. Someday I might turn them into 'serious' paintings, so if you'd like to commission an order from any of these series in advance do let me know.



Peaceful Warrior Mantras

The Peaceful Warrior Changemakers program is built on a set of codes & principles I have learnt in my life. Following COVID lockdown, individuals have requested for me to share them as illustrations & in my blog post. Here I will share the simple mantras, values, codes, quotes, of the warrior way as have been taught the past six years to students from 7th - 10th grade of two Akanksha Foundation schools in Pune.


Vajri Studios

Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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